Tuesday, August 4, 2009



these pieces of art are really beautiful. there is one for each state.
i love the bison.
danny occasionally makes promises, when we get in one of those moments where anything is possible for us, that we will have land with bison.

then I start to imagine about the Native American Bison and how maybe one day a little lost bison will walk it's way up to our back yard and see some chickens and think "um, this would be a nice place to rest".

crazier things have happened.


joe.peebles said...

I hope one day you get your "M. Bison" (Morchat Bison)! I wonder if they can learn tricks?

Jennycavin said...

I like your dream. And if a little lost bison is to wander up into anyone's back pasture, it surely would be a blessed bison to wander into yours.

I love the art pieces. Are they your own or someone else's? I find myself wondering what Tennessee's might look like.

Love you!